How To Choose A Perfect Cycling Kit

How To Choose A Perfect Cycling Kit

With such a wide variety of cycling kits available to choose from, it becomes mind-boggling to choose just one. Cycling kits come in so many designs and features to make your cycling journeys better. So how do you know which cycling kit to buy?

Well, you need to look at many factors before you go and get a cycling kit. You need one that dries quickly, is comfortable, has an appearance that defines you, is U.V. resistant, and so much more. Cycling practice, athletic level, air temperature, clothing fit, and aerodynamics are just a few of the main aspects to be explored in this buying guide that attempts to answer the age-old issue.

The perfect cycling outfit should, in theory, fit your body perfectly, evaporate sweat, and keep you cool when it gets really hot. For the best performance, you should buy a cycling kit with great aerodynamic features.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Cycling Kit

1.  U.V Rays Resistance

When you're out cycling, you're going to be facing a lot of time under the sun. While the usual tan may be a look you're going for, there is more to it than you know. Extended exposure to the sun means extended exposure to harmful U.V. rays from the sun.

According to Medical News Today, UVB light destroys the epidermis, or outer layer of the skin, and is the primary causative factor of reddening, discolouration, or sunburn. Extreme U.V. exposure can result in genetic modifications, leading to skin cancer.

Get a cycling kit that has a layer of U.V. resistance to it to protect yourself. Both the jersey and shorts should have protection against U.V. rays.

2. Quick Drying

When you're cycling, you will be sweating A LOT. Cycling can become very comfortable if you are drenched in sweat. For cycling more, you need a cycling kit that dries up quickly and helps keep your body as sweat-free as possible.

Hence, it would be best to look for cycling kits made up of quick-drying fabrics. These fabrics absorb the moisture, so it does not stay on your skin and then allows it to evaporate quickly. The best part about quick-drying materials is that they help to keep your body cool. These cycling kits help to regulate your body temperature, so you don't feel too warm and can hence cycle for more extended periods of time.

3. Pockets and Zips

When out on your cycling adventures, back pockets are a must-have since they store supplies, replacements, and food.

A smartly designed cycling kit jersey will feature pockets that are large enough and have stretchable openings to fit enough items and prevent them from falling. Elastic pockets allow you to carry more things and keep them there securely. The majority of cycling kits have three compartments. The best cycling kits have pockets that are hardly noticeable.

Even if you have six energy bars in your pockets, you won't notice that they are there. On the other hand, poorly designed cycling kits can irritate you throughout a ride since things are constantly shifting or slipping out. Zippers are an integral aspect of the structure of a cycling kit.

When you're out cycling throughout the day, good zips ensure that your body gets a fair share of airflow. We sometimes think zips are irrelevant, but you would be surprised at how much they help when you can quickly uncover your neck at any time.

4. Hem And Stitching

You will notice that cycling is made up of several pieces that are connected. Because cycling equipment is rather snug, the best cycling kits have tidy sewing so that when you wear them, they don't rub against your skin, and you stay comfortable when you ride your cycle.

Heat-sealed and seamless, the most outstanding cycling kits will feel like one lush material that wraps around your body. When you are looking at cycling jerseys, the length on both the front and back sections must be considered: the shorter the riding posture, the shorter the front parts, and the larger the rear portions.

As a result, the cyclist's tummy creases are reduced while the rear end is not visible. If the hem is poorly made, it can irritate the wearer. The best cycling kits will be made of anti-wrinkle materials and will not wrinkle no matter what your position on the bike.

5. Antibacterial properties

When you cycle, you will sweat. And when you sweat, there will be tons of bacteria and odor. Good cyclin kits will be made up of an antibacterial cloth that prevents odor and harmful microorganisms on your skin. This way, you will be protected from rashes, allergies, and other skin illnesses. Antibacterial cycling kits also prevent foul odors.

6. Support Against Pressure

Make sure you pick a cycling kit that protects your body from impact. Your lower body will be facing a lot of pressure while cycling. Good cycling kits make sure of Chamois or pads. The padding or Chamois is what distinguishes cycling kits from other types of clothing. The Chamois is a cushion that sits between the cyclist and the seat or saddle.

The Chamois adds cushioning and assistance without becoming too bulky. A huge, plush seat, on the other side, can significantly increase pressure due to the structure and mass of the saddle. This might cause pain in particularly sensitive regions.

You may obtain the cushioning and comfort you need without all of the weight by utilizing a supportive chamois. Some Cycling Kits have 3D gel technology in the Chamois that prevents pressure on the more sensitive regions of your body. So do look at the assistance a cycling kit provides.

7. Style And Colors

Did you know that your riding gear can help you achieve more than simply a great cycling experience? Cycling jerseys, indeed, tell tales! Every time you go out cycling, other bikers can utilize your gear cycling to get to know you better as a cyclist. Cycling, like any other activity, has its own culture and set of accepted practices. As a result, we advise you to be cautious about the riding gear you wear, as it says a lot about you. Your clothing can convey a variety of messages.

So don't just pick out any outfit, but rather pick a kit that defines you. Don't buy and wear leader jerseys unless you've earned them. If you're buying a team kit, make sure you buy a coordinated set. Also, for enhancing your bike's frame, buy a kit of basic colors.

For making a statement, you can get even more creative with your choice. There are so many options available for a more striking look. The print on your cycling kit depends entirely on you as a person. So this is where we leave you be!

8. Fabric

We advise staying away from fabrics like cotton or linen for cycling kits. Fabrics made of synthetic fibers such as spandex and polyester are the perfect choice for making cycling kits. Merino wool is yet another favorite when it comes to cycling kits.

9. Cycling Bibs

Look for cycling kits that have cycling bibs with them. Almost all cycling kits have bibs, but you should still make sure. Cycling bibs are shorts with suspender-like straps that arise and above your shoulders. They're the comfiest biking shorts you could ever find. As they always end up wherever they belong. The bibs keep cycling shorts in place and prevent the beltline from bunching. There will be no more drooping and sagging when bibs are around.


Picking a suitable cycling kit can be difficult at first, but the best cycling kit will do you wonders once you have found it. So ditch that old t-shirt and those gym pants and get yourself a proper cycling kit!

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